Exploring Christianity

Alpha Course

You are invited to join our next Alpha Course. We do not have a date in mind yet but please complete the contact form to register your interest and we will get in touch soon. If you prefer to speak to someone please contact us and John Kelly or Ray Hodson, our Elders, will respond. Contact us   contact form

We highly recommend the Alpha Course, it is a series of short videos that looks at many of the big questions of life and explains the Christian perspective in ways that are easy to understand. You may even recognise some of the people involved - Gemma Hunt from Cbeebies, Bear Grylls, the British Adventurer, Charlie Mackesy the artist and writer, etc. Then you are given an opportunity to join Zoom meetings to discuss with other people who are seeking answers just like you.

There is no pressure on you. It is simply an opportunity for you to relax, listen, question and ponder on some of the big questions of life that we all ask at times. Why are we here? What is the point of it all? Does God Exist? Who is Jesus? Why did he die? Is God relevant today? How can a loving God allow so much suffering? Is the Bible historically sound - or just myth, irrelevant, boring, and written by men to gain power and control over people?



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