House Group Prayer / Bible Studies

Our house groups meet in different venues for bible study, prayer, and fellowship. In these groups we make good friends for life with people from our church in an informal setting. 

It is often easier to share with others in a smaller group than it is the whole church. As we get to know each other we begin to build trust in each other and feel comfortable talking openly about issues that are important to us. These groups provide a valuable opportunity to grow in faith and to learn from each other. We bounce ideas off each other, discuss experiences, testimonies, ideas, and opinions.

Prayer is the driving force of the church - find out more about prayer - there can never be too much of it. Currently, our prayer meetings are incorporated within the House Groups, along with Bible Studies. These are well attended and everyone is encouraged to join a group. 

We pray for members of our groups who might be having a hard time, maybe struggling with illness, or bereavement, or the demands of children - and we often share each others joy in times when things are going well. 

We also pray for worldwide and national issues - the pandemic, famine, war, climate change, the church globally, nationally and locally - and all important areas that need our prayers. 

Often, we feel the need to sing too, and there is always a chance to give thanks for all our blessings. Of course, we share a cup of tea/coffee and some treats as well.

If you are seeking good Christian fellowship and a chance to study with others please  contact us

Please see our current study programme for more details.

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