“Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.” Matthew 4:10b

Worshipping Together. We love to celebrate God’s presence together every Sunday and you are most welcome to join us. It’s great to spend time with others who want to know more about God's love and are keen to build a close relationship with Him, and at the same time we make some wonderful friends for life.

From Sunrise to Sunset. God is central to our lives and worthy of our worship, starting from the absolute wonder of the sunrise every morning to the glorious sunset every evening, at any time of the day. We feel moved to thank and praise our God for our world and the awesome gift of life, whatever the weather or overall circumstances we face each day.

Dependence on God. Through our worship times, we discover how great, good and perfect God is, what He has done for us, and what He is always doing for us. We understand our dependence on Him who sustains each one of us and our world. It raises our awareness that everything we see, hear, feel and experience ought not to be taken for granted.

Heartfelt Thanks and Praise. When we consider the infinite beauty and complexity of God’s creation, everything within us wants to celebrate enthusiastically through singing, dancing, making music, thanking, praising, and worshipping Him.  We want to express our appreciation because He has provided everything for our survival, pleasure, and enjoyment. He is, without question, worthy of our worship.

All Made to love. We were all made to love our world, to love each other, to love ourselves, and to love our creator - nothing would exist without God.  It's good for our hearts, minds, bodies, souls - and our world. Human beings are naturally thankful, for a nice sunny day, a beautiful place, a new-born baby … and with faith in God, we know exactly who we are thanking, and our hearts reach out to him in wonder.  It is astonishing that He still loves us, bearing in mind mankind's mass rejection of Him, and then proceeding to make a complete mess of everything that He has made. 

God Keeps on Giving. When we worship our God freely, openly, and regularly - and make ourselves available to be used to further His work in the world - He gives us far more gifts than we ever imagined. He gives us a new, exciting, and fresh perspective on life. We look for the good in everything and find joy. Our anxieties, worries, and concerns start to fade away. He helps us when we are sick and in need. He gives us new skills and gifts and develops our potential to enjoy life in all its abundance.

The Amazing Outcome of Worship. We find God when our worship is genuine. We realise how far away from being like Jesus we are, but as we confess our sins and begin to live our lives differently - we learn how to live life to the full, how to love God, love others, and love ourselves. If we give freely, we receive good things in return. We find hope, encouragement, peace, security, joy, and much more  – also the promise of eternal life in a better world, without any temptation to sin or to hurt others. 


We believe it is our first priority in life, above all else, to thank, praise, worship
and magnify God who created us.

If you would like to speak to one of us about our faith, please make contact. 
We are here to serve and help.

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