Many hands make light work

A role for everyone - There are many jobs within every church and wherever possible we encourage all our Members to get involved. We are all creative, intelligent, resourceful, and proactive beings - and together we enable the church to function and grow. 

New Members and volunteers welcome - join us and help us with our community outreach and church activities.  You may not have been able to find a job where you can use all your favourite skills, but you will certainly be able to use them at our church. However, some of our roles will require a DBS check, health and safety training, safeguarding training, or other relevant training. All areas of work are generally carried out by a team according to a rota, but there is always room for more team players and all skills can be utilised. 

In giving of our time and talents God always rewards us in unimaginable and wonderful ways.

Every person in the church has a role to play in God's work, we are all called to use the gifts we have been given, it is not a job but a calling which will benefit the whole group. Your unique and individual talents will find a place with us.

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