Baptism, Dedication, Marriage, Funerals

Believer's Baptism Services

If you have recently taken the leap of faith and given your life to Jesus, you will soon be ready to go through the waters of Baptism. This is a time for great celebration - leaving your old life behind and starting your new life with Christ - and it is something that other believers love to witness. However, it is your decision whether to make this a big event or to have a private Baptism with just a few people.

We do not have a Baptistry at Richard Newton Hall, but this can be done in a swimming pool, or the sea, as we live so near to the coast. 

Believer's Baptism in this church is by full immersion in the name of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Speak to the Elders if an alternative to full immersion is more appropriate for you. 

If you are ready to take this step of Baptism, please contact one of our Elders to talk you through
this important step in the Christian life.

Dedication of a child 

We do not carry out Christenings at our church, only believers Baptisms, but we do dedicate our children to the Lord. This can be a private, or public celebration during our Sunday morning services with the whole church invited. Please contact our Elders or secretary to arrange a meeting to discuss this. 


If you are a Member, and you wish to get married at the Richard Newton Hall where we have our services and to have your Wedding Reception at the Community Centre, please contact us to discuss this further. On request Elders of the church are able to arrange marriage ceremonies at venues to be chosen by Members. As our Elders are not registered to perform the legal aspect of a marriage ceremony the options are either for a Registrar to be in attendance, or for a Civil ceremony to take place separately, followed by a church blessing during the same day or at a later time.


Our Elders are available to lead the funeral services of Members or their relatives where relevant on request. This could be within our church, another church, or at the Crematorium. Please contact one of the Elders to discuss all the arrangements, they will work with you and your family regarding venues, burials, or cremations.  

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