Our History

Our church is relatively young, it was established as an Independent Church affiliated to other groups in 2006.

However, since the opening of the Community Centre in the 1970s there has been a church at the Richard Newton Hall, first led by Sam Arnott, and then by Ian Mason. Then when Ian Mason passed away a new leader could not be found, also the congregation had declined so significantly that the church was formally closed. 

"Christians Together" in Teignmouth did not want the Christian witness in North Teignmouth to disappear and so they prayed for a solution.

Many years before, Brian Taylor, an elder at the Baptist Church had been given a word by God that one day he would save a small struggling church. He felt this call strongly then and shortly afterward started leading a monthly worship service at the Richard Newton Hall supported by a group of Christians from Teignmouth Baptist Church. Gerald Johnson was part of this group and he later became an elder. This was wonderful news and an answer to prayer for the remaining elderly congregation.

The monthly services soon became regular Sunday Services, and the church grew quickly. North Teignmouth Community Church was attracting Christians living all around this area. 

It became a popular place to worship, celebrate God’s love, and grow in faith. 

We opened a Messy Church in 2014 which has been an amazing success. Before the pandemic lockdown, more and more young families were attracted to this monthly event. Our work with families and children is growing.  

The church has always been led by a team of Elders. Currently, there are four elders, Ray Hodgson, John Kelly, Andrew Fowler and Brian Taylor.

In spite of the pandemic which has held back much of our planned work, we all continue to reach out to our community offering our friendship, help, support, compassion, and love. Also, encouraging all ages to come and join us.

Whoever you are, you will find a good spiritual home with us at North Teignmouth Community Church. Our church has the potential to grow and develop in every area and you might be just the people with the vision and gifts to get things moving forward into a bright and exciting future.