North Teignmouth Community Church

For God so loved the world

Video Talks

Whilst we are unable to meet to worship , we'll be posting video talks

Ray    God is always with us. (evening service)

Marcus  The Holy Spirit like Fire Exodus 3:1-4, Acts 2:1-4

John Streams of Living Water

Marcus   Holy Spirit like Dew

Ray  The Spirit of truth – John 16: 5 to 16

John Why did God give us the Holy Spirit? – John 14: 15 - 27

Marcus The Holy Spirit and the Christmas story . Matthew 1:18-23

Ray  Simeon – Luke 2 verses 25 to 35

John  Visit of the Magi – Matthew 2: 1 – 12

Marcus What can we take into 2021?

Ray  Christmas day service 2020

Ray  What about the other family : John the Baptist

John  What about the other family : Elizabeth

Marcus  What about the other family : Zechariah

Peter  Humility: an impossible lifestyle

Marcus The Miracles of the Christian Faith

Marcus  Evening Communion Service

John  What does love really look like?

Marcus Investing in the Future

Ray    Shining like stars

Robert The Seasons of Life

Ray    One Way Only

Karen  Back to the Cross 

Brian Trust God for the future and prepare for things to change

John  Serving the Lord Wholeheartedly – Romans 12: 1 – 8

Ray    Are we using the wrong tools?

John   Evening Service : The Glory of Christ

Marcus   Go and make disciples : Do we need to go beck to school?

Marcus  Go and make disciples : How do I start a relationship with God?

Ray      Exceptions or Examples Noah

Marcus Exceptions or Examples Ruth

Richard   evening service : Fear Not

Pat   Exceptions or Examples : David

John   Exceptions or Examples : Elijah

Robert   Messy Church Family Fun Day

Marcus Exceptions or Examples Phoebe

Marcus Exceptions or Examples Luke

Brian   Communion Service

Ray     Exceptions or Examples - Paul the Apostle 

John    Exceptions or Examples  Esther

Marcus Exceptions or Examples : Simon Peter

Ray     God our Rock

Philip   Walking Straight in Wobbly Times Be Content in God

Marcus Introducing Exceptions or Examples series

Marcus Fathers Day 2020

Marcus Walking Straight in Wobbly Times :Giving 

Marcus Amazing Grace Part Four

Ray      Hearing God Voice 

Marcus Walking Straight in wobbly times Walking in the spirit

Marcus Amazing Grace Part 3

John     Walking straight in wobbly times .Fellowship with other Christians

Marcus  Amazing Grace Part Two

Marcus  Amazing Grace Part One

Marcus  Walking Straight in Wobbly Times Meditating on God's Word 

Marcus  Easter Thoughts Part Three 

Marcus  Easter Thoughts Part Two

Marcus. Easter Thoughts Part one