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Christian bookshopTwo members of our church run the Christian Bookshop in       Teignmouth called The Rock.

Opening Times:

Monday: 11am - 3pm

Tuesday - Saturday: 10.30am - 4.30pm

Christian book shop


Andy, a member of NTCC works with Exeter Street Pastors. Here he tells us something of what is involved.

street pastors"Exeter Street Pastors have been  in Exeter since 2009 on Friday and Saturday nights.

Since 2012 once a month  I've  been deployed on the streets of Exeter on a Saturday night between the hours of 10 pm until half-past three to four o'clock in the morning.

We're there to listen, care and help - with water, flip flops , first aid, lollipops and prayer ( if wanted) . If the opportunity comes up and I'm asked about my faith then seeds are sown. I've found the most interesting conversations have been when I've been approached and asked about what we do, what we believe  and why?

We meet all sorts of people , some homeless , some celebrating , some drunk .some lonely, with all kinds of views on Christians and God - both  positive and negative  .

The chance to build bridges and sow seeds with sections of the community who have no connection with any form of church is my driving force to being a Street Pastor."

North Teignmouth Community Church is currently linked with South West Baptist Association. (SWBA)


Rick, also a member of NTCC works with the Gideons

We also support London City MissionOpen Doors and Christian Response to Eastern Europe (CR2EE)


Anita who is a member of our church also works for part of her year in helping to raise funds for El Shaddai. Anita spends part of the year in the UK fundraising for El Shaddai Street Child Rescue, the Charity she founded in 1997 with Pastor Matthew Kurian.

Anita tells how it all began:

"In 1996 I went to Goa with my daughter to recharge my batteries from driving Aid Trucks to Romania, Albania and Bosnia for 10 years .

I saw children who had been abandoned eating out of the Hotel dustbins and begging on the streets. While praying one morning God gave me a vision to open Homes for these children. At a local Church I shared my vision and Pastor Matthew shared he had had a vision two years before that God was sending someone from the UK to help him open Homes for Street Children.

Together in 1997 we set up the first Home with 34 children.....today we have over 4000 children in our care all over India. We are a registered UK charity, our motto is 

Loving Caring Sharing

 It costs us £1 a day to have a child in one of our Homes from coming off the streets to the end of university. Our own school, Shanti Niketan, follows an English Christian syllabus. A big Thank You to all who sponsor and support  us.