North Teignmouth Community Church

For God so loved the world


To all of our dear and loved friends of NTCC

NTCC Coronavirus update – 16th March.

Well here is a letter we would never have imagined that we would have to send but as things are currently, we have to face up to the advice from Government related to gatherings.  We love you all and in making the following arrangements we assure you of our continued prayers for you all, our desire that God will protect you all, and our hope that you will act wisely as you endeavour to safeguard your health and that of those you love.

Some of you may not have seen the Elder’s update of the 15th of March that was printed in the Newsletter.  Events have moved on considerably with the Prime Minister’s briefing on Monday and we, as Elders, are revising the interim plans that we made in the light of the PM’s briefing.

All of our meetings are immediately suspended until further notice

Meetings include Sunday Services, House Groups, Time-Out, Alpha, Prayer, Trustee, Elders and also any activities planned at venues away from Richard Newton Hall. 

Obviously, there is a need for Elders and Trustees to remain in close contact with each other and with the whole church. (There may well be some legal implications for the Trustees if this continues longer than the present time-scales advised.)  Alternatives to actual meetings of Trustees and Elders e.g. telephone or email exchanges and recorded actions, should be considered.

The Government have indicated that, for those in the at-risk categories (over 70s, pregnant women, those with underlying conditions) this situation will currently last for 12 weeks. Clearly this poses a number of challenges to many of us personally and to the church as a whole.

First and foremost

We encourage all of you to ask for any help you feel you need.  That is not exclusive to practical help and even where you have that support in place from others you may want to receive emotional and spiritual support.  We have a clear picture as to how we can deliver that – JUST ASK IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT. 

Our planning is now devoted to maintaining our fellowship together in different ways.

There are ways in which we can manage the absence of meeting together and ways in which we can promote continued friendship, practical support and spiritual fellowship. In this we seek your help. Please speak with one of us if you have any ideas or suggestions that you feel might be valuable to us all at this time.

In order that we can provide the levels of both pro-active and re-active support, we recognise that a number of us as Elders are encouraged to restrict contact to essential areas, so we are being careful in the ways that we can approach this.  We are working on a list of names and against that we are adding the names of those in the church you can approach if you need help.  Those people named will also keep in contact with you.  That list will be distributed as soon as possible.

We encourage you to keep in contact with one another by phone or email if you can.  That will be a blessing and a valuable way of keeping the closeness we experience from meeting together.   If you do not have a current copy of the Church Directory, please let us know so you have both names and contacts available.  For those who have chosen not to be named in the Directory, the Elders will make sure they are included in the contacting.

We also encourage you to set aside the times when you would have normally met as a part of NTCC activities.  Those times can be used for prayer, for contacting or for study.  Again, if you do not have a current copy of the NTCC Prayer Diary, please let us know.  It is a valuable way of remembering both people and activities and the areas in our Community that are prayed for through that Diary.  Prayer can be “actual” if you like by including it in any telephone or email contact.

As we have already allocated speakers up to the end of June, we will ask those people to prepare notes of the themes and details of the hymns and arrange for those to be sent to you either by email or by post for those not on email.  For those of you able to access the NTCC website, we will continue to update that and to include notes of sermons etc.