Safeguarding policy

NTCC has a Safeguarding Policy which is up to date and fully implemented.

My name is Nicky White. As a member of the NTCC compliance team, I am the designated lead for safeguarding. 

Part of my role is to ensure that the church’s safeguarding policy is fit for purpose and that anyone working with children or vulnerable adults are aware of their responsibilities. It is important that children and vulnerable adults feel safe, all Church workers in regular contact with these groups are DBS checked. NTCC is affiliated to CCPAS, the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service, this organisation has some great resources. Nicky White Safeguarding

I am married and have 4 children, one girl, three boys.

I trained as a Physiotherapist and specialised in Paediatrics (I really do enjoy working with children!) I currently work part-time in Exeter. A knowledge of safeguarding is an essential part of my work.

Please do contact me if you have any concerns.

Our Safeguarding Officer is Nicky White   Click here to email

Sunday School

We have a small Sunday School catering for pre-School and School age children.  We use varying media and crafts which we adapt each week to the needs of the children attending.  This is Bible based showing God’s love for them and the wider community.  


Toys, drawing and colouring activities  are available at the back of the main hall for younger children who want to stay with their parents during the service.

Messy Church